Basic Information

My name is Paul Anigbo Chinaecherem(meaning God remembers me. It’s an native name of West African Origin). I was born and spent most of my early days in Africa and that was an awesome experience.
Leaving my home country to different continents entirely was a dream come through. It came alont with a lot of lessons, exposure and experiences.

Educational Background

I’ve always had a passion for tech. Initially, it was more of a hobby because my first degree wasn’t in Tech. I decided to do a second degree in software engineering after I lost a project because I had no educational background in Tech. So, right now I’m a software engineer with masters degree in information Technology.
Well, my certificates has played little or no role in my success. But the knowledge acquired in school has been applied numerous time in various aspects of my career as a freelance web developer.

Other Unnecessary Information

As a top rated freelancer in one of the most reputable talent platforms, I spend most of my time writing codes and managing projects. When I’m not doing any of those, I’m either sleeping, seeing a movie, hanging out with friends or learning new things.
I’m a good cook too as I make ‘most’ of my meals.
I used to have a dog, but he passed on after contracting the deadly parvor virus. I miss him tho.

I’ll be sharing tips on how to be a successful freelancer like me on other posts. Do well to check them out and ask your questions in the comment section.


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  • Mark
    Posted on September 11, 2022 at 11:00 pm

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.


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